Why we’re launching Karlin Fellows


Nobody can deny the growth of LA’s tech scene over the last several years. We’re constantly seeing reports of increased funding, launching, and acquiring of companies in LA; but what we aren’t often seeing is increased mentorship for LA’s emerging talent.

At Karlin Ventures, we frequently discuss that in order to sustain this rapid growth in the LA tech community, we need to sustain the same level of support and mentorship for entrepreneurs here that we see in the Bay Area. We need to start developing our talent instead of just maintaining it.

LA is known for graduating more engineers each year than any other city in the country, but we face a gap when it comes to scaling this talent to the next level. This gap exists not only for technical talent, but for all skill sets. While LA hosts many networking events for entry level newcomers or the seasoned C-suite, there is a void of events and mentorship targeted to those who are still mastering their trade; climbing the food chain, but not quite at the top of it. This barbell effect often leaves companies searching for more when recruiting their next leader.

This void is why we are launching Karlin Fellows; to help the next leader in LA’s tech ecosystem grow beyond the barbell and reach their fullest potential, whether it be as founders or as future executives.

Karlin Fellows is an elite fellowship program for both members of our portfolio and other VP-level tech leaders in LA. The program will include 4 master classes taught each year by industry experts and cover specialized topics in areas such as business development, marketing, engineering, and product management. Each session will host 12–15 VP’s focused on the same functional area and one expert on that subject matter (ie. 15 VP’s of Product and one product expert). The subsequent session will be similar but with VP’s of Engineering, etc. Each will include a master workshop taught by the expert followed by time for VP’s to discuss problems they’re facing and offer time to brainstorm solutions and build relationships.

We’re honored to have an impressive lineup of experts joining us, including the likes of Sonos’ Raja Subramoni and SoFi’s Dan Macklin, but are also excited for the peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities that come along with hosting 15 of LA’s best and brightest minds in the same room to talk about their own special tricks of the trade.

With Karlin Fellows, our goal is to provide a platform that develops LA’s future leaders beyond the barbell and into pioneering the next generation of a sustainable tech ecosystem.

You can find out more at www.karlinvc.com/fellows or by tweeting @karlinventures.